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How the Giant's Causeway and Game of Thrones are related in my opinion.

Cliffs of Moher
Last April, I travelled to Dublin and as a result of a fast visit I had to leave without enjoying two nearby wonderful natural sights from Emerald Isle: Cliffs of Moher (Republic of Ireland) and The Giant's Causeway (Northen Ireland). After I browsed a few brochures and read about the legends behind the latter, my imagination started to run wild as I pictured giants in the country as they are described in Game of Thrones behind "The Wall". 
Personally, I seriously believe there is a strong paralelism between this fictional world and the real one. The shapes of the two isles are pretty similar, and "The Wall" in the book could perfectly be a frozen version of Hadrian's Wall, the savages could stand for the much feared Celts (also called "ladies from hell" by Roman troops), while the Giants could be a fusion of reality with myths and legends. Am I going too far? Probably! But that is my stream of consciousness for you.
Now, What is the Giant's Cause way for real? 
The National Trust (UK) website uses the following description to refer to the location of this oustanding natural wonder "Flanked by the North Atlantic Ocean and a landscape of dramatic cliffs, for centuries the Giant's Causeway has inspired artists, stirred scientific debate and captured the imagination of all who see it". These basalt columns resulting from a volcanic eruption leave no one indiferent beacuse of their unique, impressive and geometrical beauty. Please, watch this video offering the human and divine perspectives of one geological jewel to be treasured.

I know for a fact that many scenes from Game of Thrones have actually been filmed at the Giant's Causeway. It was the scenery for The Iron Isles (House Greyjoy). But here, is it just me or this Westeros map could be related to a pair of inverted British Isles? I'll leave you with that deep thought...
Westeros map from Game of Thrones (source).

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