domingo, 11 de mayo de 2014

Car Boot Sale, the other market.

I have previously devoted some posts to London Markets in the blog, but never to a different and funky type of market such as Car boot Sales. They are not exclusive from the capital, I know! As a matter of fact, you can find them in places ranging from tiny villages to big cities. But as I have just said, the topic of London markets led me here today.
By their name, I bet you have already guessed it out. Yes! They are markets on wheels and run by private sellers. They very much look like spanish "mercadillos", with two main differences: the seller profile and the stuff sold. In Car boot sales, you will find proud (or tired) owners of a wide selection of products such as houseware, antiques, collectables, books, toys, shoes, name it!. This is also intimately connected to a common practice in the UK: charity / second-hand shopping. You can find a considerable amount of second-hand shops in the high street of even the smallest village you can think of. It is a cultural thing and there is a great business niche based on ethical, social and environmental grounds.
As for where to go to participate in this kind of "open air recycling-based shopping", the sales take place in particular places and under particular permissions. Actually, there are some directories guiding your options when considering this type of purchase: Car boot junction  is a general UK directory, while Time out is a more specific site devoted to London. 
I'll leave you with an example of what a car boot sale is like. You'll have the chance to have a close-up experience by examining the items sold, the venue aspect as well as listening to some of the sellers' stories :)

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